Troy Bilt Pro – Line FRT Tiller Review

Troy Bilt Pro – Line FRT Tiller Review

Looking for a Troy Bilt Pro-Line FRT Tiller For Sale? Be sure to read our reviews and comparison before you make a purchase.  Our comparison will help you choose the best cultivator / tiller for your needs.

The Good:

For those who would like to plough their gardens or backyards, they might have to shop for an appropriate tiller for the job. Tiller machines give one the convenience of tiling their farms without straining their backs. The Troy Bilt Pro – Line FRT Tiller is one of the most commonly used tillers for farming activities. This tiller has a powerful 1600cc engine manufactured by Honda and a forward rotating tiller for maximum productivity. The machine is able to prepare the soil adequately for planting by grinding it into a fine well aerated texture. The customer also enjoys a two year mandatory warranty period and a lifetime warranty which covers the machine while on transmission. Other nice features of the Troy Bilt Pro – Line FRT Tiller include a front bumper which prevents the machine from getting scratches and ports for fixing optional attachments. The extra attachments can be used to increase the productivity of the machine while working. Assembly for the Troy Bilt Pro – Line FRT Tiller is quite easy hence one doesn’t need professional assistance for the same.

The Bad:

Despite the numerous advantages of the Troy Bilt Pro – Line FRT Tiller, there are negative sides of the machine. First of all one has to adjust and tighten the belts so as to prevent them from getting off the idler. The transmission may also leak oil from the front shaft fastener especially when the tiller is not in use. The user will only be shocked to find that the engine low on oil yet they left the oil level full. The best way out of this mess is to contact an authorized dealer if the machine is still within the warrant period. Some also claim that the machine is too light hence cannot burst new ground efficiently.

The Bottom Line:

It is quite obvious that every machine has its pros and cons. However, the Troy Bilt Pro – Line FRT Tiller review clearly shows that the advantages of the machine outnumber the disadvantages. One will enjoy services from the 1600cc powerful engine as well as the 2 year warranty cover. The oil leaking problem can be rectified with professionals while the belts only need to be fastened on the first day of use. The lightness of the machine cannot hinder the user from tilling even though they will take a longer time. It is advisable to buy the Troy Bilt Pro – Line FRT Tiller from a trusted dealer so as to enjoy the warrant services. The price of the machine is a little higher than that of other brands and this reflects the quality services one expects to get.

Troy Bilt Pro-Line FRT Tiller for Sale


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